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Announcing Confluent University: World-Class Apache Kafka Training

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Confluent University: world-class Apache Kafka training now available both onsite and at public venues. Although we’ve been offering onsite training to our customers for several months, we now have a schedule of public classes so you can take our courses even if you’re the only person in your organization who currently needs to know about Kafka.

The first two courses we are offering are
Confluent Operations Training for Kafka, and Formation Confluent pour développeurs : élaboration de solutions Kafka. Our two-day Operations course is aimed at those responsible for installing, monitoring, securing, and managing Kafka clusters, while the three-day Developer class teaches you how to write applications which publish data to, and consume data from, Kafka. Both are heavily hands-on; we believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so throughout each course there’s plenty of opportunity to practice what’s being discussed. Although you don’t need any Kafka knowledge going in to the training, by the end of the Operations course you should be confident that you can install and manage Kafka, and by the end of the Developer course you will have written code that you can use as the basis for your production applications.

We are running our first public courses in San Francisco CA, New York City NY, Redwood City CA, and Austin TX. You can find a full list below, and on the training page of our Web site. And we’ll soon be expanding to other cities in the United States, and to other countries. If you want to see a class in a location near you, let us know!

I’m very excited about this launch. Confluent was founded by the team responsible for the initial development of Apache Kafka, so we’ve had a wealth of experience to build on when developing our training materials, and I think that shows in the final product. This is only the beginning for Confluent University: we’ve got plans for lots more great stuff later this year. But we’re starting strong; if you’re planning to use Kafka in your organization, there’s no better place to learn the skills you need than in one of our classes.

Upcoming public classes:

Developer Training New York City 17-19 mai 2016 Inscrivez-vous
Operations Training San Francisco 24-25 mai 2016 Inscrivez-vous
Operations Training New York City 15-16 juin 2016 Inscrivez-vous
Developer Training Redwood City, CA 21-23 juin 2016 Inscrivez-vous
Operations Training Redwood City, CA 12-13 juillet 2016 Inscrivez-vous
Developer Training Austin, TX 19-21 juillet 2016 Inscrivez-vous

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