Debezium MySQL CDC Connector

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Debezium MySQL CDC Connector

Debezium Community

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Debezium’s MySQL Connector can monitor and record all of the row-level changes in the databases on a MySQL server or HA MySQL cluster. The first time it connects to a MySQL server/cluster, it reads a consistent snapshot of all of the databases.

When that snapshot is complete, the connector continuously reads the changes that were committed to MySQL 5.6 or later and generates corresponding insert, update and delete events. All of the events for each table are recorded in a separate Kafka topic, where they can be easily consumed by applications and services.

As of Debezium 0.4.0, this connector adds preliminary support for Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora (MySQL compatibility). However, due to limitations of these hosted forms of MySQL, the connector retains locks during an initial consistent snapshot for the duration of the snapshot.


Install your connector

Use the Confluent Hub client to install this connector with:

confluent-hub install debezium/debezium-connector-mysql:0.9.4

Or download the ZIP file and extract it into one of the directories that is listed on the Connect worker's plugin.path configuration properties. This must be done on each of the installations where Connect will be run. See here for more detailed instructions.

Configure an instance of your connector

Once installed, you can then create a connector configuration file with the connector's settings, and deploy that to a Connect worker. See here for more detailed instructions.

The source code is located in this repository.

For more information, see the documentation.

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