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Evolving from Messaging to Data in Motion with Confluent

In this Online Talk we will discuss some of the key distinctions between Confluent and traditional message oriented middleware. We will go into detail about the architecture of Confluent and how it enables a new level of scalability and throughput.

Stream Governance: Discover, understand, and trust your data in motion

Join this demo to see Stream Governance in action and learn how you can shift to an event-centric business while remaining compliant within an ever-evolving landscape of data regulations.

Microservices with Confluent

Microservices have become a dominant architectural paradigm for building systems in the enterprise, but they are not without their tradeoffs.

Modernize Your Data Warehouse with Confluent and Azure

In this webinar, see how Confluent’s data warehouse modernization solution leverages the Azure Synapse connector to help enterprises create a bridge across your Azure cloud and on-prem environments. We’ll explain how the solution works, and show you a demo!

Event Streaming and the Rise of Apache Kafka

In this Online Talk you will learn:

  • The rise of the streaming transformation (companies going digital. real-time)
  • The resulting rise of Kafka as the technology that powers the streaming transformation
  • How streaming relates to other major technology trends like cloud and mobile

The Top Five Use Cases & Architectures in 2022

JoinKai Waehner, Field CTO at Confluent, for an insightful dive into the Top Five Real-time Data Use Cases and Architectures that will come to dominate 2022.

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