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Bridge to Cloud: Using Apache Kafka to Migrate to AWS

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Most companies start their cloud journey with a new use case, or a new application. Sometimes these applications can run independently in the cloud, but often times they need data from the on premises datacenter. Existing applications will slowly migrate, but will need a strategy and the technology to enable a multi-year migration.

In this session, we will share how companies around the world are using Confluent Cloud, a fully managed Apache Kafka® service, to migrate to AWS. By implementing a central-pipeline architecture using Apache Kafka to sync on-prem and cloud deployments, companies can accelerate migration times and reduce costs.

Watch now to learn about:

  • How to take the first step in migrating to AWS
  • How to reliably sync your on premises applications using a persistent bridge to cloud
  • How Confluent Cloud can make this daunting task simple, reliable and performant
  • See a demo of the hybrid-cloud and multi-region deployment of Apache Kafka


Priya Shivakumar, Director of Product, Confluent

Priya is the Director of Product at Confluent, where she focuses on product and go-to-market strategy for Confluent Cloud, a fully managed Apache Kafka service. She brings more than a decade of experience in the tech industry as an engineering and product leader. Prior to Confluent, she led product marketing and GTM strategy for VSAN at VMware. As a growth strategy consultant at LEK before that, Priya advised clients on a range of growth issues that include new product introduction, commercialization, geo expansion, and acquisition.

Konstantine Karantasis, Software Engineer, Confluent

Konstantine Karantasis is a Software Engineer at Confluent. He’s a main contributor to Apache Kafka and its Connect API and he’s the author of widely used software, such as Confluent’s S3 and Replicator Connectors, class loading isolation in Apache Kafka Connect, Confluent CLI and more. Previously, he built scalable open source web-services at Yahoo and did research on high-performance computing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Konstantine holds a Ph.D. from the University of Patras, Greece.

Rohit Pujari, Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Rohit is a Partner Solutions Architect with AWS. He focuses on growing cloud business of their top technology partners by helping them build, innovate, and go-to-market with customer-centric solutions on AWS. Rohit brings a wealth of experience in data engineering and analytics from having worked with customers of all sizes in various stages of their data journey.