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Confluent Cloud on AWS: Building Secure, Event-driven Applications Cost Effectively

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Event streaming is a paradigm shift that has changed the way we think about data. As applications become the largest consumers of data, slow, daily batch processing can't keep up with the demands of real-time applications. Confluent enables companies to extract value from data in real-time with a platform that completes Apache Kafka to be enterprise-ready across any environment. Confluent Cloud is the premiere serverless Kafka offering in the industry and we have made it even easier, more secure, and cost effective to build event-driven applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Join us for a live and informative webinar session hosted by Confluent and AWS to learn:

  1. What problems does Kafka solve and how Confluent make it easier?
  2. Confluent New Features such as Infinite Storage and Self-Service AWS PrivateLink and how they open new possibilities for event streaming.
  3. How to gain insights from your data in AWS cloud with Confluent Connectors to S3, Lambda and Redshift.

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Jobin George

Sr. Partner Solutions Architect - BigData

Joseph Morais

Cloud Partner Solution Architect

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