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Gui-driven Management and Monitoring

Gain visibility and centralize operations with an Apache Kafka® UI

Confluent Platform offers the simplest way to manage and monitor Kafka as it scales across the enterprise. Control Center is a web-based graphical user interface to understand Kafka, meet SLAs and control key components of the platform.

Accelerate application development and integration

Manage messages, topics and schemas

Control Center delivers a Kafka UI that allows you and your developers to observe and control messages, topics and Schema Registry, all in a centralized way:

  • Messages: browse messages, and search offsets or timestamps by partition
  • Topics: create, edit, delete and view, all topics in one place
  • Schema Registry: create, edit and view topic schemas, and compare schema versions

Manage Kafka Connect connectors in one place

Control Center provides centralized management for all your connectors built on the Kafka Connect framework.

  • View a summary of all Kafka Connect clusters
  • Search by name and ID
  • Add, edit and delete connectors
  • Support multiple Connect clusters at a time

Manage ksqlDB, the event streaming database

Control Center integrates with ksqlDB and allows you and your developers to:

  • View a summary of all ksqlDB clusters
  • Develop and run queries
  • Support multiple ksqlDB clusters at a time

Centralize Kafka management operations

Manage security scalably

View your own access permissions, and manage them for other users if your permissions allow you to do so. Control Center integrates with RBAC to simplify security management for the entire organization.

Configure brokers dynamically

Simplify at-scale operations using a centralized dashboard to view broker configurations and modify them dynamically without resorting to rolling restarts.

Manage multiple clusters centrally

Centralize operations not only for multiple Kafka clusters, but also for multiple Connect, kslqDB and Schema Registry clusters.

Adhere to established uptime SLAs

Track and ensure message delivery

Control Center provides the only solution designed to track the key performance indicators for Apache Kafka. Use intuitive charts to track and receive alerts for:

  • Production and consumption metrics
  • Bande passante réseau
  • Request latency
  • Failed requests
  • Consumer lag

Monitor and optimize system health

Control Center offers a global view of the most critical parameters around health, availability, and performance for the entire platform. Gain visibility into:

  • Broker and ZooKeeper uptime
  • Under replicated partitions
  • Out of sync replicas
  • Disk usage and distribution

Monitor multi-site deployments

Control Center integrates with Multi-Region Clusters and Replicator, so that you can monitor replication tasks directly from the GUI, allowing you to track key metrics, such as throughput and lag.

Simplify Kafka troubleshooting

Quickly identify root causes

When occasionally things go wrong, you need to perform root-cause analysis as fast and easy as possible. Control Center allows you to:

  • Correlate issues faster: by viewing all the most important topic metrics in a single page
  • Simplify debugging: by browsing for specific messages by partition offset or timestamp

Identify problems before they occur

Proactive Support provides continuous, real-time monitoring of your cluster's metadata, which enables you to:

  • Customize alerts which bring attention to problems before downtime occurs
  • Accelerate issue resolution with the Confluent Support team
  • Reduce downtime risks, costs, and hours spent by IT teams looking for solutions