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Q&A with Expedia and Nuuly | Kafka Summit 2020 Keynote

Ravi Vankamamidi, Expedia & Chirag Dadia, Nuuly & Jun Rao, Confluent

It’s likely that your organization is doing more in the cloud now than ever before. Chances are that if you’re not already running some or all of your event-streaming use cases in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, you will be soon. At this panel, Chirag Dadia, Director of Engineering at Nuuly joins Ravi Vankamamidi, Director of Technology at Expedia Group for a Q&A with Confluent co-founder Jun Rao to share their transformative journeys with event streaming on a fully managed, cloud-native, Kafka-powered platform. In addition to covering the cost-effectiveness of reducing operational burden with Confluent Cloud*, the two will discuss the advantages of more reliable and efficient operations, new opportunities made possible by getting to market faster, and what increased speed-to-market has meant to their businesses and their bottom lines.