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Messaging Modernization

Legacy middleware systems such as messaging queues, enterprise service bus (ESB), publish subscribe, and ETL tools have served as an integration backbone for years. As organizations move to distributed, real-time data, legacy messaging systems fall short with limited scalability, availability, and agility.

Learn how Confluent is digitizing every industry with real-time event stream processing to unlock simplified big data streaming, multi-cloud data pipeline ingestion, and powerful analytics at scale.

Messaging Systems - Then and Now

Traditional Messaging Systems

Traditional messaging systems like pub sub, ESB, and ETL tools have been used for communication between apps, services, and systems. However, today’s production enterprise architectures have grown increasingly complex, with new demands for modern messaging solutions that can provide continuous, real-time data processing, broad integration, and resiliency at scale.

Modern Messaging at Scale

As organizations move toward modern data architectures, modern messaging systems future-proof your organization with scalability, reliability, event stream processing and broad connectivity. Increase operational efficiency and unlock new revenue streams by integrating your existing messaging systems with all other data.

Benefits of Messaging Modernization

Combine high throughput and enterprise scale to combine all enterprise data, regardless where your data resides. Augment real-time messaging frameworks with a scalable and fault tolerant complete event streaming platform to achieve new business value.

How Confluent Modernizes Every Organization

Modernize with Agility

Augment service oriented architectures and integrated applications with event data. Optimize departmental interconnectivity and integration without imposing restrictive standards on any department or application

Empower In-Stream Processing

Extract value from streaming data as it's being generated. Process, analyze and enrich streaming data at scale in real-time without the hassles of legacy messaging systems or ETL tools

Stream All Data

Join messaging data with high volume event data and data at rest to bring real-time insights, new business value and, and modern use cases to the organization

Reduce Operating Expenses

Save mainframe costs by offloading legacy messaging systems to Confluent

Infinite Scale

Meet uptime SLAs and add new capabilities while minimizing operational restrictions on existing systems and applications

Broad Connectivity

Use a broader, more open development ecosystem of pre-built data connectors and stream processors to maximize organizational productivity

Real-Time, Multi-Cloud Messaging at Any Scale

With Confluent, you can integrate disparate messaging systems with modern data stores both on-premises and in the cloud. Scale your messaging capacity dramatically and integrate your messaging systems with Confluent’s event streaming system with ease.

Complete Apache Kafka

An event streaming platform that acts as a central nervous system for your entire organization. Leverage all-inclusive, seamless real-time data streams across any infrastruture. Focus on business logic that generates value.

Automated Schema Registry

Share schema between and across messaging and streaming platforms to ensure data integrity, data governance, increase productivity, and agility across all your applications. Upgrade consumers and producers with new data formats while preserving existing contract agreements.

Simplified Stream Processing

Scalable, elastic, fault tolerant, atomic, and simple stream processing for modern, real-time event-driven microservices communication. Powerful in-flight data transforms ensure interoperability between services.

Why Customers Love Confluent


"Kafka transforms even the most basic of initiatives. Adoption of Kafka at RBC has been massive and organic. Within the first six weeks after our launch of Kafka, we had 37 teams asking to use Kafka for various projects and initiatives."

Sr Director, Product Innovation, Data and Analytics

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