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Optimisation SIEM avec Confluent

Améliorez vos systèmes traditionnels de gestion de l'information et des événements de sécurité (SIEM) grâce à la plateforme de données en mouvement de Confluent. Vous pourrez ainsi fournir des données riches en contexte, automatiser et harmoniser la détection des menaces, réduire le nombre de faux positifs et transformer votre façon de réagir aux menaces et aux cyberattaques.

Découvrez comment développer une organisation sécurisée et consciente des situations grâce à Confluent.

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Exemple de réussite client

Grâce à Confluent, Intel a créé une plateforme de Cyber Intelligence moderne et évolutive

"As cyber threats continuously grow in sophistication and frequency, companies need to quickly acclimate to effectively detect, respond, and protect their environments. At Intel, we’ve addressed this need by implementing a modern, scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) based on Splunk and Confluent. We believe that CIP positions us for the best defense against cyber threats well into the future.“

Brent Conran, Chief Information Security Officer

Maximize the Value of your SIEM Platforms

SIEM is driven by three factors - scale, speed and cost. The growing diversity, velocity and exponential volume of security data have rendered legacy SIEM technologies incapable of dealing with the current requirements of Information Security (InfoSec) teams and Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Most organizations now realize that they need to be more independent from any given SIEM vendor, and have the ability to leverage multiple tools and analytic destinations.

Combine the best real-time streaming data infrastructure and your cybersecurity platforms to break down silos and deliver contextually rich data to be more situationally aware. With Confluent, you can gain world-class data ingestion and real-time analytics while optimizing for cost and scale.

How Confluent Helps you Optimize your SIEM

Move from Batch to Real-time at Stream Scale

Design a next-gen cybersecurity data infrastructure with a real-time SIEM pipeline.

  • Ingest, aggregate, and store security event and sensor data with over 120 pre-built connectors like Splunk, Elasticsearch, SNMP, Syslog, AWS Cloudwatch and more.
  • Handle trillions of messages per day and petabytes of data effortlessly and process them in milliseconds.

Improve Data Quality and Reduce Time to Threat Detection and Resolution

Curate, enrich and normalize data to enable threat detection and data engineering at the edge or point of collection for contextually rich insights.

  • Use sophisticated stream processing and Single Message Transforms to aid richer threat and anomaly detection.
  • Filter noisy data by suppressing and masking events that do not contribute to incident detection and investigation.
  • Push processing to edge and point of collection decreasing latency for faster insights.
  • Train and bring ML/AI models faster to production faster to aid with richer real-time threat detection.

Reduce Data Indexing, Analysis and Storage Costs

Mitigate the impact of increasing data storage and analysis costs that force tradeoffs between cost, flexibility and visibility.

  • Reduce ingest and index volume and overall licensing costs that come with consumption-rate, volume-based pricing.
  • Reduce the need for proprietary intermediary forwarders to reduce overall operating expenses with Splunk S2S connector.
  • Route your data to cost-effective destination with tiered storage and connectors to cloud storage infrastructure like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob storage, Snowflake and HBase.
  • Filter and aggregate prior to network egress and ingress reducing infrastructure and cloud costs.

Achieve Freedom of Choice

Gain unprecedented flexibility to choose your own data destiny, regardless or source or destination, eliminate lock-in and enable best of breed.

  • Make your data portable by easily integrating and sharing data from any source to any destination, in any environment.
  • Seamlessly migrate from old-school SIEM tools to next-gen solutions without worrying about dropping or losing data.
  • Enable access to best of breed tools to strengthen cybersecurity and democratize data access.

Simplified Architecture, Advanced Functionalities

Broad Connectivity

Utilize a broad array of source and sink pre-built connectors to easily connect and move data in and out of popular systems.

Advanced Processing

Transform and enrich your data in-stream by continuously processing them with ksqlDB and Single Message Transforms.

Infinite Retention

Retain and store data for extended periods of time for analytic engines that may want to look at months of events with infinite storage.

Industry-leading Security

Minimize the risk of security breaches and downtime with RBAC, Audit Logs, and Secret Protection.

Flexible Architecture

Build a persistent bridge to enable real-time data interoperability everywhere, on-prem, in the cloud or on the edge.

Future-proof Design

Design a flexible architecture to integrate new sources or targets by decoupling point-to-point integrations.

Solutions d'observabilité basées sur Kafka


Datadog utilise Kafka comme technologie de messagerie sous-jacente pour ingérer des données sur des milliers de milliards de points de données par jour.


New Relic

New Relic utilise Kafka pour configurer facilement des pipelines de surveillance et d'observabilité avec des alertes en temps réel.



SignalFX utilise Kafka pour bénéficier de fonctions de surveillance et d'analyse modernes qui traitent des centaines de milliers de messages par seconde.



Honeycomb traite des flux importants d'événements en exploitant Kafka pour publier et ingérer des messages en toute sécurité entre les systèmes distribués.



Salesforce a créé une couche axée sur les événements spécialement conçue pour les entreprises avec Kakfa pour garantir la livraison et l'ordonnancement dans un système sécurisé et multilocataire.



Microsoft Azure traite jusqu'à 30 millions d'événements par seconde et des milliers de milliards d'événements par jour à l'aide de Kafka pour l'ingestion et le streaming de données.


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